All About Me

I began my career in a small advertising agency in Dallas, Texas, and skyrocketed (OK, clawed my way) to positions of top management at some of the finest creative shops in the business.  At DMB&B Advertising in St. Louis I wrote copy and supervised staff on blue chip accounts the likes of Anheuser Busch (Michelob Beer) and Southwestern Bell.  As Executive Creative Director at GSD&M Advertising in Austin I wrote award-winning TV, radio, print and collateral copy for Southwest Airlines, Chili’s Restaurants, Coors Beer, and The Wall Street Journal.  On the management team of SKG Advertising in Las Vegas I supplied words and ideas to The Bellagio and MGM Grand Hotels (among others), and helped propel that fledgling agency to national prominence in the hotel/hospitality arena.

I currently reside back home in Dallas with Sweet Wife Carolyn and Trusted Companion Jozie, where I continue to write and concept in all media for clients around the world.